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From:Kent Boortz Date:March 6 2017 3:57pm
Subject:MySQL Shell 1.0.8 RC has been released
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Dear MySQL users,

MySQL Shell 1.0.8 RC is the first release candidate of the MySQL
for MySQL Shell 1.0 series.

The MySQL Shell is an interactive JavaScript, Python and SQL
command-line interface, supporting development and administration for
the MySQL Server. The MySQL Shell includes the X DevAPI that enables
developers to use a new Create Read Update Delete (CRUD) API. MySQL
Shell is a component of the MySQL Server.

This release introduces support for the creation and management of
MySQL InnoDB clusters from MySQL servers with the AdminAPI.
By taking advantage of the new Group Replication technology,
InnoDB clusters provide an integrated solution for high availability
and scalability for InnoDB based MySQL databases, without requiring
advanced MySQL expertise.

And with MySQL Router 2.1, applications can take advantage of a
highly available and scalable MySQL InnoDB cluster with minimal or
no changes in their code.

This is a Developer Release, so we are looking forward to getting
your feedback on the MySQL Shell as well as the new API and all the
other new features.

The MySQL Shell provides

     * MySQL High Availability and Scaling API: AdminAPI

     * Both Interactive and Batch operations

     * JavaScript, Python, and SQL language modes

     * Document and Relational Models

     * CRUD Document and Relational API: DevAPI

     * Output results in Traditional Table, JSON, and Tab Separated formats

     * And much more

To download the MySQL Shell

To learn more about MySQL Shell, a component of the MySQL Server, see

To learn more about using MySQL as a document store, see

For MySQL Shell Tutorials

  JavaScript -
  Python     -

User documentation for the X DevAPI

For more information about how the X DevAPI is implemented in MySQL Shell,
and its usage, see

User documentation for InnoDB cluster which can be administered using
the AdminAPI included with MySQL Shell:


Changes in MySQL Shell 1.0.8 (2017-03-06)

     * Functionality Added or Changed

     * Bugs Fixed

   Functionality Added or Changed

     * The URI is now a positional argument when starting MySQL
       Shell at the command line. (Bug #25077429)

     * In the MySQL Shell Python X DevAPI implementation the
       mysqlx and mysql modules have been moved into the new
       mysqlsh module. This changes the way you import the
       modules, now you should issue:

         mysql-py> from mysqlsh import mysql
         mysql-py> from mysqlsh import mysqlx

       (Bug #25030138)

     * XSessions have been removed, which means the --x command
       option is deprecated. The default session is now a
       NodeSession. (Bug #24958348, Bug #83553)

     * The stored sessions functionality has been removed.
       (Bug #24949016, Bug #83530)

     * MySQL Shell version 1.0.8 includes the newly released
       AdminAPI available in JavaScript and Python which enables
       you to set up and manage InnoDB clusters. It provides a
       modern fluent API which wraps the complexity associated
       with configuring, provisioning and managing an InnoDB
       cluster, without sacrificing power, flexibility or

   Bugs Fixed

     * When using Python mode, assigning a key element that was
       identified as a type could cause an unexpected halt. The
       fix ensures that keys which are strings are correctly
       identified as such as are interpreted as keys.
       (Bug #25191539)

     * Attempting to create a connection with the wrong user or
       password on Linux resulted in an Error Unknown option
       trace_protocol message being displayed. The fix ensures
       that the correct ERROR: 1045 (28000): Access denied for
       user error is displayed. (Bug #25071433, Bug #83759)

     * Statements that were not executed, for example due to a
       syntax error, were not being added to the command
       history. This has been improved so that any statement is
       added to the command history and can be accessed using
       the up and down cursor keys. Additionally the internal
       MySQL Shell are now added to the command history.
       (Bug #24967864)
       References: See also: Bug #24669771.

     * When MySQL Shell had an open connection and was in SQL
       mode, pressing Control-C caused an unexpected halt.
       (Bug #24812731)
       References: See also: Bug #24663772, Bug #23065126.

     * The output of the \help command has been updated to
       include all of the available global objects.
       (Bug #24764191)

     * When using the shell.prompt() function, providing an
       invalid type was not generating the appropriate error.
       (Bug #24763825)

     * The way MySQL Shell processes commands has been improved
       to properly handle spaces in the command line, and
       support was added for quoted parameters when spaces are
       used. To pass a parameter with spaces surround it with
       double quotes, and if double quotes are part of the
       parameter they can be escaped using \". (Bug #24762017)

     * Primitive numeric types and booleans were not being
       automatically converted between each other following the
       Python type conversion rules. The fix ensures that a
       statement such as dba.verbose=1 is valid, in other words
       when a == b is true, then b is assignable to a as is
       typical in Python. (Bug #24744707)

     * Using --log-level=5 or greater wrote passwords to the log
       as plain text. (Bug #24735878)

     * The --log-level command option can now use named log
       levels such as debug3. (Bug #24735532)

     * When an SQL statement followed the terminating character
       of an SQL comment that ended with */ it could result in
       unexpected behavior because the first character of the
       statement following the comment was being ignored. The
       fix ensures inline comments in SQL statements are
       correctly parsed. (Bug #24671436)

     * Results output when using the --json option now go inside
       of a JSON object. (Bug #24575611)

     * When using the help, space characters at the end of a
       line were causing the requested help topic to not be
       found. (Bug #24522689)

     * When using SQL mode the usage of single quotes in
       escaping has been made consistent with the handing in
       MySQL, for example SELECT '''' as a;.
       (Bug #24380669, Bug #82381)

     * The help for XSession was suggesting SQL mode was
       available which was incorrect. (Bug #23065163)

     * When using SQL mode the command history was removing the
       semicolon from the end of previously issued lines
       (Bug #21390737)

On behalf of the MySQL Release Team
Kent Boortz
MySQL Shell 1.0.8 RC has been releasedKent Boortz6 Mar