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From:Hery Ramilison Date:April 11 2016 8:42pm
Subject:MySQL Connector/NET 7.0.2 m1 Development Release has been released
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Dear MySQL users,

MySQL Connector/Net 7.0.2 M1 is the first development release of MySQL
Connector/Net to add support for the new X DevAPI.  The X DevAPI enables
application developers to write code that combines the strengths of the
relational and document models using a modern, NoSQL-like syntax that
does not assume previous experience writing traditional SQL.

To learn more about how to write applications using the X DevAPI, see For more
information about how the X DevAPI is implemented in Connector/Net, see

Please note that the X DevAPI requires at least MySQL Server version
5.7.12 or higher with the X Plugin enabled. For general documentation
about how to get started using MySQL as a document store, see

Changes in MySQL Connector/Net 7.0.2 (2016-04-11, Milestone 1)

    Functionality Added

      * Added support for the new X DevAPI

Nuget packages are available at:

Enjoy and thanks for the support!

On behalf of the MySQL Release Team
MySQL Connector/NET 7.0.2 m1 Development Release has been releasedHery Ramilison11 Apr