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From:Vivek Khera Date:January 5 2000 3:20pm
Subject:Re: mod_auth_mysql !??!
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>>>>> "GW" == Georg Wurzenberger <gwurze@stripped> writes:

GW> Now see the table 'user_info' with normal and encrypted passwords for
GW> testing:
GW> +-----------+------------------+------------+
GW> | user_name | user_passwd      | user_group |
GW> +-----------+------------------+------------+
GW> | test      | test             | NULL       |
GW> | testi     | 378b243e220ca493 | NULL       |
GW> +-----------+------------------+------------+
GW> The mysql-user 'www' has granted privileges for this table.
GW> I wonder why the user 'test' can not be found?

How did you encrypt user_passwd above?  It does not look like a
regular unix encrypted password, using the C crypt() library function.
That is what it needs to be; not a "mysql" encrypted password.

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