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From:Michael Widenius Date:January 5 2000 1:59am
Subject:Re: MySQL 3.22.29 and 3.23.8 for Unix released
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>>>>> "Paul" == Paul DuBois <paul@stripped> writes:

Paul> At 9:57 PM +0200 2000-01-03, Michael Widenius wrote:
>> >>>>> "Jeremy" == Jeremy Cole <jcole@stripped> writes:
Jeremy> Monty,
Jeremy> I didn't see anything about fixing the coredump problem on 
>> FreeBSD with
Jeremy> select floor(pow(2,63));
Jeremy> Are you aware of this problem, or did it get fixed and not 
>> added to the
Jeremy> ChangeLog?
Jeremy> Later,
Jeremy> Jeremy
>> The above problem is only fixed in 3.23 and not in 3.22;  I first want
>> to check that the fix is really ok on 3.23 before moving it back to 3.22

Paul> Just tried 3.23.8 on FreeBSD 3.3.  The above SELECT statement still
Paul> crashes the server with a floating point exception.

But it worked for me when I tested it a while ago :(

Ok, I have to check this again tomorrow.

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