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From:Michael Widenius Date:January 4 2000 11:44pm
Subject:One more serious bug in MYSQL 3.23.8
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>>>>> "Peter" == Peter Zaitsev <pz@stripped> writes:

Peter> MYSQL 3.23.8  Complied with --with-charset=win1251 with gcc 2.95.2      on
Peter> solaris 2.6

Peter> The russian characters does not seems to work at all

Peter> there I do
Peter> select count(*) from  sites where name like "%a%"  where a is russian letter
Peter> I get  result  0 but  there are many records containg this field.

Does it work with a normal 'a' ?
Does it work with upper case / lower case characters.

If you want a quick fix, please try to always find out as much as
possible about any bug and if possible include also a full working


PS: Note that we always answer / solve complete bug reports before
    starting to investige not complete ones...
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