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From:Michael Widenius Date:January 4 2000 11:38pm
Subject:COM/ADO component for MYSQL
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>>>>> "Alok" == Alok Singh <asingh@stripped> writes:

Alok> Hi,
Alok> I have a month free time left at work. So I was wondering if people are
Alok> interested in a COM mysql library for WIN32 platforms. I worked on one
Alok> earlier, but that was limited to just implementing the Connection object.
Alok> This time I thought I will try to make it more ADO like.
Alok> Here is a list of objects that I thought I will implement. They are borrowed
Alok> from the ADO IDL file provided by MS.

Alok> interface Collection;
Alok> interface Properties;
Alok> interface Property;
Alok> interface Error;
Alok> interface Errors;
Alok> interface Command;
Alok> interface Connection;
Alok> interface Recordset;
Alok> interface Fields;
Alok> interface Field;

Alok> If anyone has any suggestions, please feel free to comment.

Alok> Thanks

Alok> Alok Singh

Alok> asingh@stripped


Yes, we would be VERY interested in this!

If you need any help from the MySQL developer team, just ask.


PS: If you need access to the MySQL-Win32 source, just mail me!
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