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From:Sasha Pachev Date:April 23 1999 10:07pm
Subject:Re: Compiling Assistance
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Frank Fischer wrote:
>    We have a 'C' application that was originally written for Unix and was
> ported to NT using a tool called NuTCracker which preserves the Unix look
> and feel and simulates a Unix environment under NT.
>    Currently we are in the process of enhancing our application and wish
> to use MySQL as the database server.  In order to do this we need
> to be able to talk to the database server via direct socket calls through
> the MySQL C API from a Unix console application running under NT, we have
> the correct socket libraries for NT but not the MySQL library files. 
> In order to get our client to talk to the server I need to figure out which
> source modules make up the MySQL libraries (.a files) under Unix and rebuild
> them on our NuTCracker Unix environment on NT.
>    Using the WinSock.dll or the libmySQL.dll is not an option for us so
> can someone tell me what modules I need in order to recreate the .a files
> that Unix uses?

Yes, very simple solution, although quite radical, your
boss may not like it :). Revert to the Unix version,
install Linux, install MySQL and enjoy life. Lesser
cost, better performance, and you can really do it
unless someone insists on running a particular
application currently available only on NT and would not
accept Linux alternatives for anything. You may actually
be glad you did it early/be sorry you did not do it
early enough in the long run.

Sasha Pachev (home) (work)
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