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From:Tobias Krüger Date:July 30 2014 5:05pm
Subject:MySQL InnoDB table row access
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I want to access data from an InnoDB table. I know that I can do this using
the corresponding handler and ha_rnd_next() or ha_index_next().
My problem is that the original MySQL code is outperforming my
implementation even on simple projection queries, even though I use the same

The entry point for my own execution is in the file in the
function int mysql_execute_command(THD *thd).
~line 2600 res= execute_sqlcom_select(thd, all_tables); 

query:                  select title from titles;

my code:      

        while (!tables->table->file->ha_rnd_next(tables->table->record[0]))




result is of the type select_send

To evaluate the query, using this simple loop, takes around 20 percent
longer than the original MySQL code. I have used a debugger to step through
the code, but the code being executed
seems to be the same. That's why I think MySQL is doing some kind of
optimization on the table but I can't figure out where. I have also tried to
let my code run later in the evaluation process
of MySQL but the result stays the same.

Best regards,

Tobias Krueger

MySQL InnoDB table row accessTobias Krüger30 Jul