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From:greg.lane Date:July 14 2014 6:47pm
Subject:Re: Query time taken on disk
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Hi Satendra,

On 7/14/2014 5:48 AM, Satendra wrote:
> Hi there, I'm struggling to find the total time taken by a database query
> on the disk? As I understand when a database query start execution it takes
> some time inside the database engine & some time to seek the result from
> disk (if that is not in cache/buffer)
> Can anybody from the group please suggest any clue about the execution time
> on the disk?
> Many thanks
> Stdranwl

As stated in other emails you can use the performance_schema.  Mark 
Leith has provided a stable version of ps_helper now called the sys 
schema and can be obtained on github here, .  There is quite a bit of help 
and examples in the  Also you check into the experimental 
portion of it called dba helper also on github, .  I think you will be able to 
find what you are looking for utilizing these tools that make 
performance schema much easier to use and under stand.

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