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From:Michael Widenius Date:January 4 2000 10:30pm
Subject:Re: MS Access 2000 odbc question
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>>>>> "Christopher" == Christopher R Jones <cj@stripped> writes:

>> Sorry, but Access 2000 can't export tables through ODBC because of a
>> bug in Access 2000;  You have to get an update from Microsoft for
>> Access 2000 to do this!
>> (We have been contacted by Microsoft programmers that agree that the
>> bug was in Access 2000 and has been corrected;  We have however never
>> heard of anyone getting a patch for this :(   I hope they will not
>> force you to upgrade to get this fixed..
>> Regards,
>> Monty
Christopher> Access 2000 has no problems exporting tables to other databases such as
Christopher> Foxpro as long as you get the latest MDAC.  Access 2000 does not export
Christopher> tables to using MyODBC because of errors in the resulting mysql SQL
> calls.
Christopher> For example, I created the following table in Access 2000:
Christopher> table2
Christopher> Column Name		Field Type
Christopher> testmore1 		Number - Integer
Christopher> testmore2		Date/Time
Christopher> testmore3		Text - 50 chars

Christopher> I placed two entries in the table:
Christopher> 1	2000-01-01	Test More
Christopher> 2	2000-01-01	Testing Again

Christopher> I tried to export to a Foxpro database, no problem.
Christopher> I tried to export to a MySQL database, no go.  The following excerpt from
Christopher> the sql.log file:
Christopher> MSACCESS        115:fc	EXIT  SQLExecDirectW  with return code -1
Christopher> HSTMT               0x092217d8
Christopher> WCHAR *             0x027e4f98 [      -3] "CREATE TABLE ( smallint,
Christopher> timestamp, varchar(50))\ 0"
Christopher> SDWORD                    -3

Christopher> DIAG [42000] [TCX][MyODBC]You have an error in your SQL syntax near '(
Christopher> smallint, timestamp, varchar(50))' at line 1 (1064) 

Christopher> So I don't know if Access is making the mistake of the ODBC driver is
Christopher> making the mistake.

The Access developers mailed us a while ago some information that they
had a bug in the code that created the CREATE TABLE statement (as you
can see, the table name is missing).  They agreed that they don't
follow the ODBC specification at some part and they have now fixed
that, but they did never tell us how to work around this in our code

If you can make a ODBC trace file of a connection to FoxPro and a
trace for a connection to MySQL and mail these to me, I can try to do
a diff of these to see where things differ.

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