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From:nicu Date:April 12 2014 5:55pm
Subject:Re: cannot connect remotely on 3306
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solved.. firewall was up:) it had 3 profiles and i had just set it off on one of them

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Pe 12.04.2014, la 17:48, Reindl Harald <h.reindl@stripped> a scris:

> Am 12.04.2014 16:37, schrieb Nicolae Marasoiu:
>> I removed Firewall on the win7 server, I set the server in Home network,
>> and joined the workgroup / homegroup.
>> From other computers I can access \\server\Users, can ping it, but cannot
>> telnet to 3306 (which locally i can on both localhost and ip), nor connect
>> with DBVisualizer (which locally i can referring the server both by
>> localhost as well as its ip
>> On Sat, Apr 12, 2014 at 5:33 PM, Nicolae Marasoiu <
>> nicolae.marasoiu@stripped> wrote:
>>> On the win7 mysql server I see that the LISTENING is done on
>>> From other computers I can ping the server, but cannot telnet on 3306.
> that's hardly a mysql problem
> * the windows telnet client is unuseable because it strips outputs
> * how long do you wait for a response?
> most likely you run into dns timeouts especially if ipv6 is enabled
> and not proper configured network wide and if your network is wrong
> configured at all (no PTR records for your IP's for ipv4 and ipv6
> well then you have both timeouts for name-resolve)
> try "skip-name-resolve" in my.cnf but be aware that you need to use
> ip-addresses for mysql-permissions instead hostnames
> get rid of Windows and setup a virtual machine for development servers
> will solve a lot of problems - i maintained over years two customers
> with mysql on Windows servers and that wasted more time than the 30
> production servers on Linux
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