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From:Reindl Harald Date:April 12 2014 2:48pm
Subject:Re: cannot connect remotely on 3306
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Am 12.04.2014 16:37, schrieb Nicolae Marasoiu:
> I removed Firewall on the win7 server, I set the server in Home network,
> and joined the workgroup / homegroup.
> From other computers I can access \\server\Users, can ping it, but cannot
> telnet to 3306 (which locally i can on both localhost and ip), nor connect
> with DBVisualizer (which locally i can referring the server both by
> localhost as well as its ip
> On Sat, Apr 12, 2014 at 5:33 PM, Nicolae Marasoiu <
> nicolae.marasoiu@stripped> wrote:
>> On the win7 mysql server I see that the LISTENING is done on
>> From other computers I can ping the server, but cannot telnet on 3306.

that's hardly a mysql problem

* the windows telnet client is unuseable because it strips outputs
* how long do you wait for a response?

most likely you run into dns timeouts especially if ipv6 is enabled
and not proper configured network wide and if your network is wrong
configured at all (no PTR records for your IP's for ipv4 and ipv6
well then you have both timeouts for name-resolve)

try "skip-name-resolve" in my.cnf but be aware that you need to use
ip-addresses for mysql-permissions instead hostnames

get rid of Windows and setup a virtual machine for development servers
will solve a lot of problems - i maintained over years two customers
with mysql on Windows servers and that wasted more time than the 30
production servers on Linux

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