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From:karen langford Date:March 31 2014 12:44pm
Subject:MySQL Connector/Python 1.2.1 RC has been released
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Dear MySQL users,

MySQL Connector/Python v1.2.1 is the new version of
the 1.2 release series of the pure Python database driver
for MySQL. It is intended to introduce users to the new features.

MySQL Connector/Python version 1.2.1 is compatible with MySQL Server
versions 5.5 and greater, but should work with earlier versions
(greater than 4.1). Python 2.6 and 2.7, as well as Python 3.1
and greater are supported.

MySQL Connector/Python 1.2.1 is available for download from

The ChangeLog file included in the distribution contains a brief summary
of changes in MySQL Connector/Python 1.2.1. For a more complete list of
changes, see below or online at:

Changes in MySQL Connector/Python 1.2.1 (2014-03-31)


Functionality Added or Changed

      * It was not possible to initiate an SSL session without
        explicitly giving a key and certificate. Now it is possible to
        connect to a MySQL server using only the ssl_ca connection
        argument pointing to a file of CA certificates. This means the
        ssl_key and ssl_cert connection arguments are optional.
        However, when either is given, both must be given or an
        AttributeError is raised. (Bug #69418, Bug #17054848)

      * Connector/Python now supports authentication plugins found in
        MySQL 5.6. This includes mysql_clear_password and
        sha256_password, both of which require an SSL connection. The
        sha256_password plugin does not work over a non-SSL connection
        because Connector/Python does not support RSA encryption.
        The connect() method now supports an auth_plugin parameter
        that can be used to force use of a particular plugin. For
        example, if the server is configured to use sha256_password by
        default and you want to connect to an account that
        authenticates using mysql_native_password, either connect
        using SSL or specify auth_plugin='mysql_native_password'. (Bug
        #68054, Bug #16217765)

      * Connector/Python now permits the type for stored procedure
        parameters to be specified. To do this, specify a parameter as
        a two-item tuple consisting of the parameter value and type.
        For more information, see Method
        MySQLCursor.callproc(procname, args=())

        (Bug #71124, Bug #17965619)

     * A new MySQLConnection class reset_connection() method enables
        applications to send a COM_RESET_CONNECTION to the server.
        This method is analogous to the mysql_reset_connection() C API
        function added in MySQL 5.7.3.
        A new MySQLConnection class reset_session() method is similar
        to reset_connection() but falls back to use reauthentication
        for older servers that do not support COM_RESET_CONNECTION.

      * Connector/Python now can report errors to Fabric that occur
        while accessing a MySQL instance. The information can be used
        to update the backing store and trigger a failover operation,
        provided that the instance is a primary server and Fabric has
        received a sufficient number of problem reports from different

           + The fabric dictionary argument to the connect() method
             now accepts a report_errors value. Its default value is
             False; pass a value of True to enable error reporting to

           + To define which errors to report, use the
             extra_failure_report() function:
             from mysql.connector.fabric import extra_failure_report
             extra_failure_report([error_code_0, error_code_1, ...])

      * Connector/Python now enables applications to specify
        additional information to be used when connecting to Fabric:
        User name and credentials, and information to use for
        establishing an SSL connection. The fabric dictionary argument
        to the connect() method accepts these additional values:
        username, password, ssl_ca, ssl_cert, ssl_key. Only the ssl_ca
        value is required to establish an SSL connection. If ssl_cert
        or ssl_key are given, both must be specified.

      * The connect() method now accepts a failover argument hat
        provides information to use for server failover in the event
        of connection failures. The argument value is a tuple or list
        of dictionaries (tuple is preferred because it is nonmutable).
        Each dictionary contains connection arguments for a given
        server in the failover sequence. Permitted dictionary values
        are: user, password, host, port, unix_socket, database,
        pool_name, pool_size.

    Bugs Fixed

      * The MySQLConnection.autocommit attribute failed to set the
        value of the self._autocommit attribute. (Bug #18172769)

      * Uninstalling Connector/Python using an RPM package failed to
        remove the fabric folder. (Bug #18143073)

      * For Fabric connections, any connect_attempts and connect_delay
        values specified by the user were ignored. (Bug #18055719)

      * The global MYSQL_FABRIC_PORT variable was changed from 8080 to
        32274 to match the port change made in Fabric. (Bug #18075339)
        References: See also Bug #70954.

      * For Fabric sharding operations, Connector/Python raised an
        incorrect error when a table was given with the tables
        connection property for which no sharding information was
        available. This now results in a DatabaseError (with
        errorcode.ER_BAD_TABLE_ERROR) mentioning that the table is
        unknown. (Bug #18047794)

      * For Fabric operations, the default mode was supposed to be
        read/write but was set to read-only. (Bug #18047591)

      * For Fabric operations, an incorrect exception was raised by
        set_property() when a connection property value had the wrong
        type (for example, when the tables property was not a tuple or
        a list). set_property() now correctly raises a ValueError.
        (Bug #18047758)

      * Fabric has renamed the dump functionality to a new command
        called dump. Consequently, Connector/Python now uses the new
        functions dump.sharding_information, dump.fabric_nodes, and
        dump.servers. (Bug #71124, Bug #17965619)

      * MySQLCursor.executemany() caused a UnicodeDecodeError when
        non-ASCII characters existed in the seq_params parameter and
        the operation was a Unicode instance with Python 2. This is
        now corrected by encoding the operation per the current
        connection character set. (Bug #69067, Bug #18220593)

      * The delay between attempts when trying to connect to a MySQL
        Fabric-managed server was not honored. (Bug #71905, Bug



The source distribution includes the manual in various formats under
the docs/ folder.

Reporting Bugs

We welcome and appreciate your feedback and bug reports:


On Behalf of the MySQL RE team at Oracle,

Sreedhar S
MySQL Connector/Python 1.2.1 RC has been releasedkaren langford31 Mar