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From:Mister Vlad Date:March 17 2014 3:21pm
Subject:Questions about building a dedicated MySQL server.
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I am looking at building a dedicated MySQL server... was wondering about the downside to
using SSD drives?
My thoughts was going 2 servers, with 4 drives each in raid 5 (3+1) configuration.
Is this a good idea?   I was originally thinking about going Raid5(3+1) and Raid 1
(Mirrored) but that might a little overkill?
Now, for the CPU, is a single 8core sufficient?   what about Ram?   16gb?  32gb?
This is going to have a lot of writes, fewer updates, and a lot of searching...  the
databases are about 2GB each, and they are monthly created (basically for storing stats). 
Typically, only the current, and past 2-3 months are accessed, and the others are just
there for archival purposes.

My reasoning for going SSD over 15k drives was speed.  The lookups would (should) be
faster,  or so I would think.
What are your thoughts about this?  is this a good idea?  do you have better idea?   The
only thing on this server would be MySQL, the stats database, and a couple others that are
used daily, but not nearly as active as the stats db.
Thanks for any and all help!
Questions about building a dedicated MySQL server.Mister Vlad17 Mar
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