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From:Reindl Harald Date:January 1 2014 11:36pm
Subject:Re: mysql-5.1 64bit and windows 7
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Am 01.01.2014 23:30, schrieb Elim Qiu:
> I installed mysql 5.1 to windows 7 using mysql-5.1.73-winx64.msi and got
> confused on how to relocate the datadir.
> my basedir was F:/MySQL and datadir was F:/MySQL/data
> It works fine and I'm trying to relocate the datadir:
> (0) stop mysql service
> (1) copy F:/MySQL/data to F:/DBData/MySQL/data

maybe you better have *moved* the folder

> (2) modify F:/MySQL/my.ini change the line
>     datadir="F:/MySQL/Data/"
>     into
>     datadir="F:/DBData/MySQL/Data/"
> (3) restart the service and it says access permission denied 

compare permissions / owner / ACL's
what are the permissions of the *parent folders*

> even I used cmd window with win admin privileges

this does not matter in context of a service
fankly a sane OS would even forbid runnign a service as admin

> I've doe such on XP 32bit mysql many times without any problem. So what
> wrong above?

that even microsoft improved their handling of permissions

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