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From:Vikas Shukla Date:December 27 2013 6:27pm
Subject:RE: MySQL Descending ORDER issue
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Hi Russ,

Please share with us the exact details of the table data as well as the



Vikas Shukla
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Subject: MySQL Descending ORDER issue
I am currently upgrading from mysql 5.1.72 -> mysql 5.6 and the
migration and upgrade is sound (In a QA ENV). Queries work etc.
However, when I run a query similar to "SELECT `table`.* FROM `table`
WHERE (some_id IN (13528, 14906, 38845)) ORDER BY `date` DESC LIMIT
1;" on 5.1.72 and on 5.6.15 I get back different data.  The date for
all of the data are exactly the same to the second.

However, if I run "SELECT `table`.* FROM `table` WHERE (some_id IN
(13528, 14906, 38845)) ORDER BY `date` LIMIT 1;" it comes back with
the exact same data that is expected.
Is this a bug? Or am I missing here?
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