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From:Jan Steinman Date:November 4 2013 5:32pm
Subject:Re: Another query question...
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The plot thickens...

I noticed that I have similar queries that work as expected. The difference appears to be
that every query that is broken uses " WITH ROLLUP", and removing this makes them behave
as expected.

Is this a known bug? Should I submit it as such?

If someone would be so kind as to point me to the bug system, I'll crawl around in there
to see if it's a known problem.


Begin forwarded message:

> From: Jan Steinman <Jan@stripped>
> Date: 3 November 2013 18:35:47 PST
> MySQL 5.0.92-log
> I'm trying to form a clickable link using CONCAT, but the link as displayed points to
> the NEXT row's URL, not the one from the same row as the other data displayed!
> Is there something I don't understand about this?
> Below is the query. "{{{1}}}" is replaced by a year, like "2013".
> The second column is the problem one. When the table is displayed, the link in the
> `Product` field points to the NEXT SEQUENTIAL product row! In other words, if you click on
> the link for "garlic," you'll get the page for "gherkins."
> Live example is at:
> If you hover over the link in the `Product` column, you can clearly see that the page
> at the link is not the same as that in the `ID` column, but is in fact the same `ID` as
> the next sequential row. I am so confused.
>   harvest.product AS ID,
>   CONCAT('<a href="', s_product.ID,
> '">', COALESCE(, 'TOTAL:'), '</a>') AS `Product`,
>   FORMAT(sum(harvest.quantity), 3) AS `<a
> href="">Harvest</a>`,
>   harvest.units AS Units,
>  CONCAT('$', FORMAT((SUM(harvest.quantity) * prices.price), 2)) AS Value,
>   prices.market_type AS `R-W`,
>   COUNT(*) AS Harvests,
>   DATE(MIN( AS Begin,
>   DATE(MAX( AS End
>   s_product_harvest harvest
>   s_product on s_product.ID = harvest.product AND
>   s_product.units = harvest.units
>   s_product_market_prices prices ON prices.product_ID = harvest.product AND
>   prices.units = harvest.units AND
>   year(prices.price_date) = year(
>   year( = {{{1}}}
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