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From:kitlenv Date:October 22 2013 10:18pm
Subject:Re: Date comparison help
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Hi Michael,

FYI: I'm using 5.6.13 and your query returns 0 for the third column with my


On Wed, Oct 23, 2013 at 2:35 AM, Michael Stroh <stroh@stripped> wrote:

> I recently upgraded a local MySQL installation to 5.5.32 and am trying to
> figure out why the following query won't work as expected anymore. I'm just
> trying to compare a set of dates to NOW() but since the upgrade, these
> don't seem to work as expected.
> DATE_ADD(STR_TO_DATE('2013-350-00:00:00','%Y-%j-%H:%i:%S'),INTERVAL 2 DAY),
> NOW(),
> DATE_ADD(STR_TO_DATE('2013-350-00:00:00','%Y-%j-%H:%i:%S'),INTERVAL 2
> DAY)<NOW()
> For instance, when I run it on my system, I get 1 for the third column
> even though comparing the two by eye it should be false.
> Cheers,
> Michael

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