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From:Antonio Fernández Pérez Date:October 16 2013 8:36am
Subject:InnoDB row format table
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Hi everybody,

Recently I have got a warning after modify a table adding a new column.
This warning is about ROW_FORMAT in InnoDB. The messages is: "Warning:
InnoDB: ROW_FORMAT=DYNAMIC requires innodb_file_format > Antelope. InnoDB:

My question is: Have I to take care with this warning? Have I to specify a
ROW_FORMAT in the next ALTER TABLE operations?
I have checked innodb_file_format variable and its value is Antelope; I
have checked innodb_file_format_check and its value is ON ... Could be
affect this clause to the master-slave replication?

I hope your answers. Thanks in advance.



InnoDB row format tableAntonio Fernández Pérez16 Oct
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