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From:Michael Widenius Date:January 4 2000 4:33pm
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>>>>> "Anthony" == Anthony Louws <> writes:

Anthony> Dear colleagues,
Anthony> I'm running MySql version 3.22.22. In a database I have the following
Anthony> tables:


mysql> select distinct text from category c, category_text ct, text t
Anthony> where = ct.categoryid and = ct.textid;
Anthony> +-------------+
Anthony> | text        |
Anthony> +-------------+
Anthony> | Reels       |
Anthony> | Rods        |
Anthony> | Seawater    |
Anthony> | poor        |
Anthony> | average     |
Anthony> | best        |
Anthony> | jet         |
Anthony> | teun        |
Anthony> +-------------+
Anthony> 8 rows in set (0.00 sec)

Anthony> In the real situation I really need the distinct and I need some extra
Anthony> conditions on the category table, so that the reason for this join.
Anthony> The two queries should return the same resultset, but they don't!

Anthony> In your documentation I found no known bug or release note that this
Anthony> problem should be solved now in the latest version, but fortunately it
Anthony> is solved in 3.22.29! (thanx)
Anthony> I found a release note in 3.22.29 saying: "Fixed problem that could
Anthony> cause MySQL to touch freed memory when doing very complicated GROUP BY
Anthony> queries. ".
Anthony> Although there is no group by involved in my query I think that this is
Anthony> the fix I needed. (Is a distinct handled the same internally as a group
Anthony> by?) Anyway, the distinct problem is solved as well.

Anthony> May be you should mention this in your release notes for version
Anthony> 3.22.29.


I found in the MySQL change log:

1999-07-29  Michael Widenius  <monty@stripped>

* Fixed problem with DISTINCT on BLOB column

Somehow this didn't propagate to the changes section in the manual. Sorry
about that.

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