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From:Keith Murphy Date:September 17 2013 3:34pm
Subject:Re: Archive Engine Question
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From here:

The ARCHIVE engine supports
 and SELECT <>, but not
or UPDATE <>. It does
support ORDER BY operations,
BLOB<> columns,
and basically all but spatial data types (see Section, “MySQL
Spatial Data
The ARCHIVE engine uses row-level locking.

*Storage:* Rows are compressed as they are inserted. The ARCHIVE engine
uses zlib lossless data compression (see You
can use OPTIMIZE
TABLE <> to
analyze the table and pack it into a smaller format (for a reason to
TABLE <>, see
later in this section). Beginning with MySQL 5.0.15, the engine also
supports CHECK TABLE<>.
There are several types of insertions that are used:

You tell my why a customer who wants to place AUDIT information in a table
might want that?

Keith Murphy


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On Tue, Sep 17, 2013 at 10:19 AM, Wayne Leutwyler

> Hello List,
> I have a customer who is wanting to use the Archive Engine. I have no
> experience with this engine, other than what I am been reading. Why would I
> want to use Archive over InnoDB. They are only going to be placing audit
> information in the table.
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