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From:Neil Tompkins Date:August 30 2013 5:06pm
Subject:MySQL 5.6.13 on our Windows 2003 local access only
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I have installed MySQL 5.6.13 on our Windows 2003 server and need to
configure the service so that no external access is possible from a remote
IP addresses.

On the server it's self, the MySQL service will need to be accessed by IIS
hosting a ASP.NET application and web services.

I know that this can be set at user level using GRANT to USER @localhost
etc, but because in general I don't want external access I'd prefer it be
set at server level and just prevent network access.

Currently I've configured the My.ini file as follows;

# The next three options are mutually exclusive to SERVER_PORT below.
# The Pipe the MySQL Server will use# socket=mysql

bind-address = localhost
# The TCP/IP Port the MySQL Server will listen on# port=3306

I've tried to connect to the MySQL server through MySQL Workbench, using
Local Socket/Pipe but it doesn't work. I set the Local Socket/Pipe to MySQL.

The error I get is "Invalid for this platform protocol requested
(MYSQL_PROTOCOL_SOCKET)" . Can anyone help ?

MySQL 5.6.13 on our Windows 2003 local access onlyNeil Tompkins30 Aug