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From:Michael Widenius Date:January 4 2000 4:10pm
Subject:Typo in 3.22.29's
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>>>>> "Steven" == Steven M Schultz <sms@stripped> writes:

Steven> Hi -
Steven> 	Has anyone else noticed there's a typo in 3.22.29's (and 3.22.27's)
Steven> 	configure script?

Steven> 	There's a reference to 'ptread_attr_setscope' that should have an
Steven> 	"h" added after the 't':

Steven> ---	Sat Jan  1 08:26:47 2000
Steven> +++	Mon Jan  3 20:12:09 2000
Steven> @@ -1293,7 +1293,7 @@
Steven>  #include <pthread.h>],
Steven>  [pthread_attr_t thr_attr;
Steven> -ptread_attr_setscope(&thr_attr,0);],
Steven> +pthread_attr_setscope(&thr_attr,0);],
Steven>  mysql_cv_pthread_attr_setscope=yes, mysql_cv_pthread_attr_setscope=no))
Steven>  if test "$mysql_cv_pthread_attr_setscope" = "yes"
Steven>  then

Fixed. Thanks!

Typo in 3.22.29's configure.inSteven M. Schultz4 Jan
  • Typo in 3.22.29's configure.inMichael Widenius4 Jan