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From:Michael Widenius Date:January 4 2000 4:04pm
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>>>>> "Clifford" == Clifford Brown <cliff.brown@stripped> writes:

Clifford> Hi,
Clifford> 	I have a question about programming an admin application in VC++ and I
Clifford> thought maybe someone out there would know the answer. I have written an
Clifford> administration program in VC++ using libmySQL.dll and libmySQL.lib. When I
Clifford> run it on one machine, it works perfectly. When I try it on another machine,
Clifford> it gives me "caused an invalid page fault in
Clifford> Module LIBMYSQL.DLL at 017f:10002168." It doesn't matter on what machine it
Clifford> was compiled. Do you know of some setting in windows or some driver file
Clifford> that could be causing the problem or conflicting with libmySQL.dll? I really
Clifford> appreciate any help you can give.

Clifford> Thank you,

Clifford> Clifford Brown

If you are using the libmysql.dll from the latest registered or
shareware version (and not from the old shareware version) there
shouldn't be any dependencies on any specific driver.   Have you
checkd that you have installed the latest service pack on the machine
that crashes?

If you want, I can give you access to the mysql win32 source so that
you can debug this properly...


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