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From:Ed L. Date:August 9 2013 4:19pm
Subject:connection issue
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This mysql newbie is having trouble connecting to a mysqld instance, 
hoping someone can offer a clue on troubleshooting.

I have 2 mysql 5.0.45 installations on one RHEL server.  One live mysqld 
is setup in what appears to be a relatively standard installation, port 
3306, user 'mysql', etc.  I've set up the other mysqld to run tests on a 
non-standard port 5045, user 'testsql', different data root, config, 
logs, etc.

When I attempt to connect to the mysqld running on port 5045 from the 
command-line mysql client on the same host as follows ...

     # mysql -P 5045

... it seems I'm actually connecting to the live server on 3306 because 
'show databases' shows the live databases.  How can I troubleshoot this 


connection issueEd L.9 Aug
  • Re: connection issueClaudio Nanni9 Aug