On Thu, 2013-08-01 at 10:41 +0200, Sebastien FLAESCH wrote:

On 07/31/2013 01:03 PM, Sunanda Menon wrote:
 >       * The C API libmysqlclient shared-library .so files now have
 >         version 18.1.0 (up from version 18.0.0 used in MySQL 5.5).
 >         (Bug #16809055)

What impact has this change regarding backward compatibility with
existing C programs linked to older 5.6 libmysqlclient.so libs and
what is the general policy regarding the backward compatibility for
this library - where can we find clear statements in the doc?

Oracle has a zero care factor, there latest 5.5 release is also still broken with the reported viossl bug

All fixed by two short lines, as was provided to them 3, yes, now THREE mysql 5.5 releases ago when they broke it, yet they still publish new 5.5 releases that are broken and have been bug'd for best part of this year, the concerns we had when Oracle bought Sun have rung true. Why they dont just give it back to Monty I'll never know.

Chances are if they are this lazy about it, then 5.6 will likely be broken too, and there is no incentive from here to upgrade, or even remain with mysql, period, I'm one who has a great deal of patience, but I think 3 broken releases is pushing the friendship, I'm quickly getting sick and tired of patching mysql for every new release because they are too lazy to.

I am later this week going to put MariaDB on our devnet,  and see how it shapes up.
I do expect it to be good drop in replacement, since SuSE and Red Hat have dumped mysql for mariadb.