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From:Michael Widenius Date:January 4 2000 3:58pm
Subject:RE: Access 2000
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>>>>> "Jonas" == Jonas B Nielsen <Jonas.B.Nielsen@stripped>
> writes:

Jonas> Yes, it is delivered with MS-Access as far as I know. It works with Perl and
Jonas> DBI.

Jonas> If you need it's complete name I can find it for you??

Jonas> Jonas

Jonas> Jonas B. Nielsen


I just finnished running crash-me and the MySQL benchmarks on Access
2000 and I will put up the results on our crash-me and benchmark pages
later today (They are quite interesting...)

Anyway, don't use the current Access 2000 version on Win98 in a system
that has to be up a long time;  There is some serious memory leaks in
Access 2000 when doing a lot of connections (For example, running the
test-connect test in the benchmarks, will eat up all all available
memory and this is not freed when the test terminates)

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