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From:Reindl Harald Date:August 1 2013 8:51am
Subject:Re: MySQL Community Server 5.6.13 has been released
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Am 01.08.2013 10:41, schrieb Sebastien FLAESCH:
> On 07/31/2013 01:03 PM, Sunanda Menon wrote:
>>       * The C API libmysqlclient shared-library .so files now have
>>         version 18.1.0 (up from version 18.0.0 used in MySQL 5.5).
>>         (Bug #16809055)
> What impact has this change regarding backward compatibility with
> existing C programs linked to older 5.6 libs and
> what is the general policy regarding the backward compatibility for
> this library - where can we find clear statements in the doc?
> Does it make sense to change the .so version in a bug fix release,
> when the 5.6 was already releases as GA?

this is the same stupidity as happened with MySQL 5.5.10
forced to rebuild any against libmysql linked binary

if a company manages *twice* release a new major version
while claim the ABI is compatible and break the never
existed compatibility months later with a minor update
their responsible release-managers has to be fired!

MySQL 5.5.10:
Incompatible Change: The shared library version of the client library
was increased to 18 to reflect ABI changes, and avoid compatibility
problems with the client library in MySQL 5.1. Note that this is an
incompatible change between 5.5.10 and earlier 5.5 versions, so
client programs that use the 5.5 client library should be recompiled
against the 5.5.10 client library. (Bug #60061, Bug #11827366)

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