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From:Andrew Moore Date:July 30 2013 12:23pm
Subject:Re: Performance Improvements with VIEW
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I think you're reducing the amount of rows referenced throughout the proc
using the view. This might be where you're seeing a performance difference.
If you create an innodb table where the structure and row count match the
view maybe you'll see another difference? I'll wait for Rick James' input
before I say anything more. ;-)

On Tue, Jul 30, 2013 at 12:13 PM, Manivannan S. <
manivannan_s@stripped> wrote:

> Hi,
> I've a table with 10 Million records in MySQL with INNODB engine. Using
> this table I am doing some calculations in STORED PROCEDURE and getting the
> results.
> In Stored Procedure I used the base table and trying to process all the
> records in the table. But it's taking more than 15 Minutes to execute the
> procedure. When executing the Procedure in the process list I am getting 3
> states like 'Sending data', 'Sorting Result' and 'Sending data' again.
> Then I created one view by using  the base table and updated the procedure
> by replacing that view in the place of a base table, it took only 4 minutes
> to execute the procedure with a view. When executing the Procedure in the
> process list I am getting 2 states like 'Sorting Result' and 'Sending
> data'. The first state of 'Sending data' is not happened with view, It's
> directly started with 'Sorting Result' state.
> When I'm referring some MySQL sites and other blogs, I have seen that
> VIEWS will never improve the performance. But here I see some improvements
> with a view.
> I would like to know how VIEW is improving the performance.
> Regards
> Manivannan S
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