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From:rich gray Date:July 24 2013 3:21pm
Subject:Replication question
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I have been asked to set up multiple database replication which I have 
done before for simple cases however there are some nuances with this 
instance that add some complexity and I'd like to hear your collective 
expertise on this proposed scenario:-

1) Single master database
2) n (probably 3 to start with) number of slave databases
3) All but 5 tables (123 tables in total) are to be replicated from the 
master to all the slaves
4) 3 tables from the slaves are to be replicated back to the master

It is mainly item 4) that concerns me - the primary ID's are almost 
certain to collide unless I seed the auto increment ID to partition the 
IDs into separate ranges or does MySQL handle this issue?
There are some foreign keys on one of the 3 slave to master tables but 
they are pointing at some extremely static tables that are very unlikely 
to change.

Is the above a feasible implementation...?

Thanks in advance for any advice/pointers!


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