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From:spameden Date:July 6 2013 12:08am
Subject:Re: restore question
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2013/7/5 Jim Sheffer <jim@stripped>

> Hi everyone-
> This is probably a no brainer (I'm new to Navicat) but I have a backup of
> a database from Navicat.
> I want to be able to see if a certain field has changed since this morning
> in the backup (We are having problems with an order that somehow
> "duplicated" the items.  I need to see if there was only 1 of each item or
> two removed from inventory).  I don't need to do a "restore" into the
> database, just have a look at the backup.

First, dump current scheme with:

 mysqldump --skip-data database > database_schema.sql

Second, extract schema from Navicat (this might need additional filtering,
I'm not sure):

  grep -v 'INSERT INTO' backup.dump.sql > navicat_schema.sql

Third, compare:

  diff -u database_schema.sql navicat_schema.sql

> Is this possible without going through the hoops of creating a copy of the
> database and restoring to the copy (I assume this is possible) - I DO NOT
> want to restore into the currently running database :-)
> Any suggestions would b greatly appreciated!
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