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From:shawn green Date:July 5 2013 8:05pm
Subject:Re: restore question
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Hello Jim,

On 7/5/2013 3:11 PM, Jim Sheffer wrote:
> Hi everyone-
> This is probably a no brainer (I'm new to Navicat) but I have a backup of a database
> from Navicat.
> I want to be able to see if a certain field has changed since this morning in the
> backup (We are having problems with an order that somehow "duplicated" the items.  I need
> to see if there was only 1 of each item or two removed from inventory).  I don't need to
> do a "restore" into the database, just have a look at the backup.
> Is this possible without going through the hoops of creating a copy of the database
> and restoring to the copy (I assume this is possible) - I DO NOT want to restore into the
> currently running database :-)
> Any suggestions would b greatly appreciated!

If the Navicat backup used the same process as mysqldump, then your 
table's data is stored in a plain-text SQL script.

Step 1) find the CREATE TABLE...  command for the table you are 
interested in.

Step 2) Just after the table's definition, you should see a sequence of 
INSERT commands. Those are your rows. Use your find or grep or search 
skills to identify the primary key values for the rows you are 
interested in. Visually parse that row (it's contained in its own set of 
() parentheses) to find the 'old' values you seek.

Sorry that it's such a manual process but you didn't want to restore so 
you get to pretend to be the database server :)

Shawn Green
MySQL Principal Technical Support Engineer
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