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From:Larry Martell Date:July 3 2013 4:29pm
Subject:Re: 1 file
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On Wed, Jul 3, 2013 at 9:51 AM, shawn green <> wrote:
> Hello Larry,
> On 7/3/2013 11:27 AM, Larry Martell wrote:
>> We recently changed from in memory files to InnoDB files. Today we
>> noticed that in every server's data dir there is file called '1' that
>> seems to get updated every time the iddata1 file gets updated. On some
>> servers it's comparable in size to the iddata1 file, on other servers
>> it's 10-15x larger, and on others it's 1/2 the size. What is this
>> file. Googling revealed nothing about this.
> That is not something an official MySQL build would do. Consult with the
> person (or group) that compiled your binaries.
> Now, if you have enabled --innodb-file-per-table and if you have named your
> table '1' then that file is probably '1.ibd'.  That would be expected. But
> that seems unlikely based on your other details.
> Did you also enable a separate undo log, perhaps? Although if you had, it
> should be 'undo1' not just '1'
> So, that simple '1' file also seems unusual to me.

Thanks for the reply.

I asked our DBA group and here's the answer I got:

The file is currently accessed by mysqld, please don’t delete it.
Looking at the file header, it appeared to be an innodb datafile.
But no idea how it was created.

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