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From:Machiel Richards - Gmail Date:July 3 2013 10:19am
Subject:Master not creating new binary log.
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Hi all

       I hope all are well.

       I would like some assistance with something really strange.

       We currently have a problem with a master slave setup running 
mysql 5.0.

        This is one of our legacy servers which are in the planning to 
be upgraded, however in order for this to be done the replication needs 
to be up and running.

        The problem we have currently however is that the binary logs on 
the master was moved to a seperate partition due to disc space restrictions.

        A new binlog file called mysql-bin.1 was created and everything 
seemed to work fine.

         However, the moment the file reached the file size of 100Mb, it 
does not go on to create a new binlog file called mysql-bin.2 and the 
replication fails stating that it is unable to read the binary log file.

         Thus far we have done a flush logs and reset master , but the 
same problem occurs, where it creates mysql-bin.1 and the moment it 
reaches it's max size and suppose to create a new file, it stops and 
does not create the new one.

         I really hope this makes sense, and that someone can perhaps 
point us in the correct direction.

         Any help would be appreciated.


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