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From:Rick James Date:June 28 2013 7:11pm
Subject:RE: mysql on zfs
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Prefer xfs on RHEL.

Certain stalls are inherent in older InnoDBs, but MariaDB 5.5 should have the Percona
fixes that greatly smoothed out that problem.

What kind of drives?  A RAID controller with caching helps for datasets that big.

innodb_flush_log_at_trx_commit = 1 is a big performance killer if you are inserting one
row at a time.

Check sync_binlogs, too.

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> Subject: mysql on zfs
> Hi guys,
> Did you have any experience running MyLSQ or in my case MariaDB 5.5.31 on
> FreeBSD on top of zfs?
> We are using Samsung Pro 840 SSD drives and experiencing temporary stalls.
> Our workload very much skewed towards inserts into big InnoDB tables
> (70-100Gig) the dataset overall 1.5T.
> I have feeling that ZFS is not mature enough to be used on production.
> The speed is not great either 2k-6k/s.
> I disabled innodb_checksums = 0 , innodb_doublewrite = 0  but the stalls
> up to 8min still there.
> Would it be better option to move to EXT4? We need FS snapshots for
> backups.
> Your thought guys.
> Many thanks.
> Igor
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