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From:Rick James Date:June 25 2013 3:54pm
Subject:RE: UPDATE_TIME for InnoDB in MySQL 5.7
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Yeah, why not flush them to disk on a clean shutdown, and periodically before that?

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> Subject: UPDATE_TIME for InnoDB in MySQL 5.7
> The MySQL 5.7 changelog mentions:
> "Beginning with MySQL 5.7.2, UPDATE_TIME displays a timestamp value for
> the last UPDATE, INSERT, or DELETE performed on InnoDB tables.
> Previously, UPDATE_TIME displayed a NULL value for InnoDB tables. For
> MVCC, the timestamp value reflects the COMMIT time, which is considered
> the last update time. Timestamps are not persisted when the server is
> restarted or when the table is evicted from the InnoDB data dictionary
> cache."
> This is great news! However, I would in fact need the UPDATE_TIME to
> persist across database server resets. Is this feature being considered or
> discussed? Where might I find it online?
> Thank you to the MySQL team and to Oracle for filling in InnoDB;s missing
> features!
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