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From:Dotan Cohen Date:June 23 2013 5:39pm
Subject:UPDATE_TIME for InnoDB in MySQL 5.7
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The MySQL 5.7 changelog mentions:
"Beginning with MySQL 5.7.2, UPDATE_TIME displays a timestamp value
for the last UPDATE, INSERT, or DELETE performed on InnoDB tables.
Previously, UPDATE_TIME displayed a NULL value for InnoDB tables. For
MVCC, the timestamp value reflects the COMMIT time, which is
considered the last update time. Timestamps are not persisted when the
server is restarted or when the table is evicted from the InnoDB data
dictionary cache."

This is great news! However, I would in fact need the UPDATE_TIME to
persist across database server resets. Is this feature being
considered or discussed? Where might I find it online?

Thank you to the MySQL team and to Oracle for filling in InnoDB;s
missing features!

Dotan Cohen
UPDATE_TIME for InnoDB in MySQL 5.7Dotan Cohen23 Jun
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