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From:Sayyed Mohammad Emami Razavi Date:June 17 2013 7:08am
Subject:Update just some of the fields
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In MySQL when i execute full update query, all fields will be updated or
no? It means, which fields that have not been changed will not be updated?!

current values for table named 'test', i want to update just desc:
id, name, desc
1, test1, test2

update test set name='test1', desc='test10' where id=1;

I use one framework that still does not implement update just changed
fields, i know that i can use this:

update test set desc='test10' where id=1;

any ideas?!

Update just some of the fieldsSayyed Mohammad Emami Razavi17 Jun
  • Re: Update just some of the fieldshsv17 Jun