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From:Claudio Nanni Date:June 16 2013 8:39pm
Subject:Re: munin MyISAM & InnoDB issues
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I seem to understand this is the check on the innodb main tablespace.

Sounds like an overflow in munin check that builds the graph,
due to the type of check ("MySQL InnoDB free tablespace") I would not 
mind too much(There's no such critical thing like too much free space!),
apart from patching the munin check to deal with numbers > 2^32.

To double check, look at:

mysql> SHOW TABLE STATUS LIKE '<any innodb table that was created in the 
main tablespace>'\G

Look at the "Data_free: " line, it is probably bigger than 2^31.

In this case it is basically not a problem, apart from Munin not able to 
represent that number.

For "MySQL isam/myisam table-space usage" broken image I have no idee on 
how that check is built,
moreover MyISAM does not have a real tablespace.
If it makes you feel better in that is broken too ;)



On 06/16/2013 10:14 PM, Grant wrote:
> I have 4 out of 6 mysql graphs working in munin.  "MySQL isam/myisam
> table-space usage" is a broken image and "MySQL InnoDB free
> tablespace" says:
> "This service is in CRITICAL state because one of the values reported
> is outside the allowed range.
> Field	Internal name	Type	Warn	Crit	Info
> Bytes free	free	gauge	2147483648: 	1073741824:"
> I don't know enough about mysql (or munin) to figure out what's going
> on.  I'm using both MyISAM and InnoDB tables.  Can anyone help me out?
> - Grant


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