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From:Grant Date:June 16 2013 8:31pm
Subject:Re: munin MyISAM & InnoDB issues
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> I have 4 out of 6 mysql graphs working in munin.  "MySQL isam/myisam
> table-space usage" is a broken image and "MySQL InnoDB free
> tablespace" says:
> "This service is in CRITICAL state because one of the values reported
> is outside the allowed range.
> Field   Internal name   Type    Warn    Crit    Info
> Bytes free      free    gauge   2147483648:     1073741824:"
> I don't know enough about mysql (or munin) to figure out what's going
> on.  I'm using both MyISAM and InnoDB tables.  Can anyone help me out?
> - Grant

I should add that I get the following:

# munin-run mysql_isam_space_
# munin-run mysql_innodb
free.value 0

- Grant
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