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From:New Idea for Everlasting Power Date:June 1 2013 11:34am
Subject:Idea for new Device Generates Clean and Free Energy
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Dear Friend

Firstly Thanks for taking time on reading my message

My name is Mohamed Khalifa
Inventor from Egypt and I invented
Permanent magnet perpetual engine
Patent Number: GB2485625
I would like to publish this news

As some of you knowing that I have new theory for
Free clean energy source device

Until now I have only applied for patent
Did not build the prototype and
Do you know some one or company who can build it?
That device is new clean power source
100% workable but I still need some one to test it
I have explained all details on how to build it in

So if you know someone educated enough or have experience in magnets
Who can build my prototype
Please forward my message to him

Also I have made small movie in my site
Explained how to make it
Kindly forward that info to any one you know
Who care to make it

In the main time I believe there is some kind of
Conspiracy to hide my invention from the world

So do whatever you can to tell the world about this new idea
You got to show the world
Let everyone knows that free energy is possible
Save the Planet

This idea for new Device generates clean and free energy
Will change the world
Imagine electric batteries can last for ever in every one hand

This invention
Can be the only solution for our planet problems
Like Pollution and Global warming
Read More in:
This is my gift to the mankind

Idea for new Device Generates Clean and Free EnergyNew Idea for Everlasting Power1 Jun