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From:Cosmin Apreutesei Date:May 14 2013 10:06am
Subject:[ANN] mysql binding for LuaJIT
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I made a new mysql binding for LuaJIT, here it is:


  - covers all of the functionality provided by the mysql Connector/C 6.1 API
  - all data types are supported with multiple options for conversion
  - prepared statements, avoiding dynamic allocation and type
conversions when fetching rows
  - all C calls are checked for errors and Lua errors are raised
  - all C objects are tied to Lua's garbage collector
  - lightweight OOP-style API via ffi.metatype
  - no external dependencies

Only tested with Windows for now but more tests are coming.

[ANN] mysql binding for LuaJITCosmin Apreutesei14 May