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From:Richard Reina Date:May 1 2013 12:59pm
Subject:Re: Chain Replication QUestion
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Hello Manuel,

Thank you for your reply. Could I do the following?:

1) Enable log-bin on master2 (slave that will be converted to a master)
2) Enable log-slave-updates on master2
3) Execute CHANGE MASTER to on another existing slave so that it gets
it's updates from master2 instead of master1.

Thanks for the help thus far.

2013/4/30, Manuel Arostegui <manuel@stripped>:
> 2013/4/30 Richard Reina <gatorreina@stripped>
>> I have a few slaves set up on my local network that get updates from
>> my main mysql database master. I was hoping to turn one into a master
>> while keeping it a slave so that I can set up a chain.  Does anyone
>> know where I can find a "how to" or other documentation for this
>> specific task?
> It is quite easy:
> Enable log-slave-updates in the slave you want to be a master.
> Do a mysqldump -e --master-data=2 and put that mysqldump in the future
> slaves. Take a look at the first lines of the mysqldump where you'll find
> the position and logfile those slaves need to start the replication from.
> You can also use xtrabackup if you like.
> Manuel.
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