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From:Manuel Arostegui Date:April 30 2013 5:28pm
Subject:Re: Chain Replication QUestion
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2013/4/30 Richard Reina <gatorreina@stripped>

> I have a few slaves set up on my local network that get updates from
> my main mysql database master. I was hoping to turn one into a master
> while keeping it a slave so that I can set up a chain.  Does anyone
> know where I can find a "how to" or other documentation for this
> specific task?
It is quite easy:

Enable log-slave-updates in the slave you want to be a master.
Do a mysqldump -e --master-data=2 and put that mysqldump in the future
slaves. Take a look at the first lines of the mysqldump where you'll find
the position and logfile those slaves need to start the replication from.
You can also use xtrabackup if you like.


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