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From:Hartmut Holzgraefe Date:April 24 2013 7:25am
Subject:Spatial changes in InnoDB - Details?
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The "What's new in MySQL 5.7" manual page [1] says:

   *  InnoDB now supports spatial data types.

What is the difference to previous releases in this respect?
Spatial column types have been supported by InnoDB (and even
Cluster) for a long time already, and spatial indexes on
spatial columns still don't seem to be possible with 5.7.1 [2]

So what is the actual improvement in InnoDBs support of spatial
types supposed to be?


Hartmut Holzgraefe <hartmut@stripped>
Principal Support Engineer (EMEA)
Spatial changes in InnoDB - Details?Hartmut Holzgraefe24 Apr
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