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From:Johan De Meersman Date:April 17 2013 1:34pm
Subject:Re: Doubt with stored procedures
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> From: "Antonio Fernández Pérez"
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> Subject: Doubt with stored procedures
> I have a doubt with stored procedures functionality. Is possible that
> a stored procedure works with all databases form the server? I have
> created a stored procedure on dataBaseA and also works with dataBaseB. Is that
> correct? Independently of the user privileges defined.

Yes, that's all part of the mysql magic, any stored procedure ever defined will work on
any server ever to exist.

Well, either that, or you might want to provide us with a little more detail, including
but not limited to:
 * Is this MySQL or NDB Cluster?
 * Software version?
 * What is the relation between the servers (master, slave, master/master, ...) ?
 * how exactly did you define the SP, using what user etc. ?
 * how are you calling the SP, using what user, ... ?
 * ...

That being said, using a set of default assumptions, I can tell you that both GRANT and
CREATE PROCEDURE are replicated, so both all procedures and all users should logically
exist on both sides of a replication setup.

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