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From:spameden Date:April 8 2013 11:34am
Subject:Re: Reg: MYSQL Mail Agent
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2013/4/8 Reindl Harald <h.reindl@stripped>

> do not top-post
> Am 08.04.2013 12:40, schrieb Bharani Kumar:
> > On Mon, Apr 8, 2013 at 4:02 PM, Johan De Meersman <vegivamp@stripped
> >wrote:
> >
> >> ----- Original Message -----
> >>> From: "Bharani Kumar" <bharanikumariyerphp@stripped>
> >>>
> >>> How to enable mail agent service in MYSQL. and what are the necessary
> >>> steps to send mail.
> >>
> >> I suspect you're in the wrong place - the Mail Agent is an MS SQL
> service,
> >> iirc. MySQL is a different database entirely, and has no built-in
> >> provisions for mail
> >
> > When i use mssql, i used the mail agent, so similar one expecting in
> no, you can not expect that different software has the same feature
> set because we would not need different software if all is the same
> mssql is a big and fat software, mysql is a tiny software and because

I love your rants keep it doing :)

> it's running mostly on unix systems it do not need a MTA

> unix philipsopy: one tool for one task

Almost every system needs an MTA or mail daemon, couldnt agree more with
you about philosophy.

OP: take a look at postfix or any other daemon suited for mailing purposes,
don't forget to configure SPF / TXT entries of mail domains used in your
systems to avoid message being marked as spam.

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