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You don't have to be a jackass to him/her.

He's always a jackass, but, I must say, it is a rare occasion that I agree, and, hte *idiot* who posted all those lines was certainly more of a jackass.

The CAN SPAM act requires that a single link, with no further action on behalf of the recipient, must be provided to unsubscribe.

CAN SPAM Act?  Sorry, no such named Act exists in my country., and I'm certain it would not include mailing lists due to their nature and design, and only an *idiot* lawmaker would say you need that one line click, since, for nearly 20 years that has been, and still is a very popular method for spammers to know who has read their junk and that they have reached a valid mailbox

I see no such thing in the footer.  The website is terrible to navigate on mobile devices... I don't see how I can unsubscribe myself either and I feel OP's pain.


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  ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^   WTF is that? an invitation  to dinner?

it is however well known for a very very long time that oracle have wrecked this list completely, it is non compliant in so many ways its a joke (think all those OoO messages you get when you post), and no one at oracle knows anyone who is in a position to fix it.