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From:Reindl Harald Date:April 6 2013 3:51pm
Subject:Re: mysql_tzinfo_to_sql
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Am 06.04.2013 17:46, schrieb Joseph Kosinski:
> Thanks for the input.  I have noticed when I wanted to remove MySql Server from my
> system 
> there were a lot of steps I had to go through and one was to modify the config file
> which 
> was locked

not really - the problem is you are lacking any knowledge how to work with
your OS or you are working with the wrong OS at all with MacOSX since you
refuse to understand the difference of root/administrator and user perms

> I used show info on the file and changed the permissions on it to read write.  
> Then when I tried to change the file, it was still locked and wouldn't allow me.

man su
man sudo

> I did look at /usr/local/mysql/bin/sqlLines and it is empty.  

who is the owner of tis file?

stat /usr/local/mysql/bin/sqlLines

> When I first open terminal this is what I get:
> 				Joseph-Kosinskis-MacBook:~ josephkosinski$
> What should I do to change to a directory owned by me and how will I know.

ouch - there is no basic knowledge at all

ca /path/to/folder/

a directory you created is owned by you

man su
man sudo
man chmod
man chown
man chgrp
man stat
man ls
man cd

>  I usually use cd .. 	used at the above prompt I get:
> 				Joseph-Kosinskis-MacBook:Users josephkosinski$ 
>> using FULL QUALIFIED PATH to a drectory owned by you?  means?

> ~/sqlLines

blindly "> sqlLines" will write to the file in the current directoty

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