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From: Joe Kosinski <jojako@gmail.com>
Subject: Fwd: mysql_tzinfo_to_sql
Date: April 5, 2013 3:25:59 PM EDT
To: "mysql@lists.mysql.com" <mysql@lists.mysql.com>

1.I was able to use the use mysql; to change to the mysql database and then I ran the queries which showed that the time zone database is not populated.

2. Then I tried to find the path of mysql_tzinfo_to_sql by running the command 
which mysql_tzinfo_to_sql with the following results:
Last login: Fri Apr 5 14:50:02 on ttys000 which mysql_tzinfo_to_sql ; exit; Joseph-Kosinskis-MacBook:~ josephkosinski$ which mysql_tzinfo_to_sql ; exit; logout [Process completed]

However,  there was no output showing the path.  I ran the which command from the command drop down menu of the Shell menu.

Are there any other suggestions on what I should do to populated the tables?



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From: shawn green <shawn.l.green@oracle.com>
Subject: Re: Fwd: mysql_tzinfo_to_sql
Date: April 5, 2013 1:58:01 PM EDT
To: Joe Kosinski <jojako@gmail.com>

Hi Joe,

On 4/5/2013 1:58 PM, Joe Kosinski wrote:
The commands didn't work and the time zone tables are not loaded.
 Whenever I ran the queries mysql> SELECT * FROM time_zone;
mysql> SELECT * FROM time_zone_name;
I got an error message stating no database was selected.  I think when I
tried to locate the path to the mysql_tzinfo_to_sql previously nothing

All tables are organized into databases. The timezone tables are in the `mysql` database. To change your active database, use the 'use' command in your session

use mysql;

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